We are the band.

We are Tom Corbett, James FitzGerald, Will Hayes and Ian Iliopoulos, and we are ZIGO.

It began as an idle threat. But what emerged from the primordial ooze of teenage boys’ bedrooms was what Kent most feared and revered: the Garden of England’s ‘noisiest’ band.

That crazy conspiracy, fuelled by delusions of grandeur and a lot of serious beard-strokery, had a name: ZIGO. It was four young men’s love of artists from Radiohead to Robert Johnson and Focus to Foals, whizzed into the blender of Existential Woe.

The apocalyptically-flavoured 2010 debut album This Is How It Ends found this tuneful tribe confronting the abyss of twenty-something life. Returning from the higher education odyssey realising they’d never had it better, the lads looked for a boost in 2012 with the rollicking one-two of single Someone More Persuasive Than You and five-track EP The Foal.

A sequel to the latter, The Fox is being polished just as our melodic mob takes stock, peeking above the hedgerows of the Garden into the vast but opportunity-laden wilderness: the Big City…

We are ZIGO.

Who was Zigo?

Tom Corbett

Tom Corbett shouts.

Tom was raised on a balanced diet of good old-fashioned rhythm n’ blues and soul/disco, but decided soon after starting university course that he would have to create a much more “alternative” persona for himself, so inhaled all kinds of math, hardcore and everything underground like as much tequila in the eyeball. To this end, he fulfils the oxymoronic cliché of ‘confident frontman with underlying identity issues’.

As well as offering his guitar and keyboard “skills”; to the band, Tom enjoys long walks on the beach. Like really long. Like bring a tent long. We gonna talk feelin’s.

Tom’s website

James FitzGerald

James FitzGerald rumbles.

James is the talent. Composer of countless critically-acclaimed symphonies, as well as being the brains behind Lady Gaga, ZIGO allows him to rest on his musical laurels whilst smugly funking away in the corner of the stage. That knowing smile? It’s because he’s going home to his solid gold bath thanks to a little tune you may have heard called Umbrella.

During his time at Reading University, he attempted to subtly educate the unwashed masses via his multi-award-winning radio program The Yearbook. He maintains a much quieter profile in his new position of almost-don at Oxford University, which we can only assume means he is building up to the mother of all pun-chlines.

James’ website

Will Hayes

Will Hayes hits.

Will, thanks to a hilarious séance incident back in ‘93, actually channels the spirit of John Bonham, via the mind of Vic Reeves, out through his magic drummin’ elbows. Still bitter about ZIGO’s move from his own POP Studios to those of the mighty Blizzard Records, he's in the process of converting his History degree to various law certificates - with the sole aim of “pulling a Roger Waters” on the rest of the band.

He also likes yodelling in songs, and smashing wing mirrors off cars. Who knew?

Ian Iliopoulos

Ian Iliopoulos twangs.

Ian has not been seen since he boarded a London–bound train earlier this year, saying only that he was “doing law”. We pray for his safe return.

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