We are filmed.

A short list of shorter films featuring ZIGO, members thereof, their friends and their family.

Private Lectures: ZIGO & the Making of The Fox

December 2014

Hover Stereos: ZIGO & The Making of The Foal, Part II

July 2012

Old Wood: ZIGO and The Foal so far

May 2012

Since the release of This Is How It Ends in July 2010, ZIGO have been working hard on its follow-up.

Someone More Persuasive Than You broke the silence on 21.1.12.

Then came The Foal… in pieces.

21.2.12: On Your Bones

21.3.12: War Horse

21.4.12: The Hunted

But what of the rest of The Foal?

And of ZIGO?


March 2012

ZIGO urge you to run.

Run like The Foal you are.


February 2012

“And I mean, this sort of thing can happen to the most sharp-witted fellows, to psychologists and litterateurs, sir! Human nature is a mirror, sir, a mirror, of the most transparent kind! Look in it and feast your eyes!”
Porfiry Petrovich

The clues are already there. Just keep your eye trained on the places you have already been.

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